Refinery's waste treatment services

Ecomed�s Refinery waste treatment service provides expertise and technology for the solutions to the following problems:

Refinery's waste treatment services

Treatment of semi-processed oil refinery products

Oily sludge resulting from oil refinery processes (API tanks, tank sludge, biological sludge from the treatment of oily sewage waste) are difficult products to manage due to their low fluidity and their high hydrocarbon content.

This kind of sludge, if not treated, due to its high oil content, can only be delivered as it is to treatment plants or to incineration. This solution has important costs and technical implications, due to the need to move a mass whose consistency is between pumpable and shovelable, which also is often be classified as hazardous for transport and, for handling. Moreover, in this way it will not be possible for the Customer to recover the hydrocarbon fraction from the sludge.

To meet this challenge, Ecomed has developed a system for the management of semi-processed products aimed at maximizing oil recovery while at the same time reducing the residual fraction of the treatment, to be sent for disposal off site.

The system used is divided into two phases:

The Treatment Process

The process applied consists of:

The dehydration treatment includes:

According to requirements and on the Customer�s request, the process can be optimised to obtain a drier panel but with higher oil content, rather than a panel with a slightly higher humidity after recovery of a higher percentage of oil.

The stabilisation/solidification treatment, can be carried out on the same line or on a specialised system. To be able to discharge the waste, stabilisation is carried out by mixing in water binders (lime or concrete) with the waste and additives which adsorb the oil residues (zeolites, urasites) and, if the panel needs to be sent for thermal treatment, organic amendants will be added (sawdust, coconut fibres). However, the system is sufficiently flexible to adapt the reagents used to various requirements without the need to modify the installation.

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