Waste management for oilfield operations

Waste management for oilfield operations

1. Enhanced Dewatering systems for liquid wastes coming from drilling operations

What is the enhanced dewatering system?

The EDS is a combination of Chemical and Mechanical processes which allows to dehydrate the drilling wastes directly at the rig site.

The output from the EDS consists of filtered clear water (normally re-used for the preparation of new drilling mud and as plant/rig washing water), oil (in case of OBM waste treatment) and very dry solids.


of Wastes which can be Treated by EDS:

The following type of wastes, produced during drilling activities, can be costly effectively treated by the Ecomed’s EDS:

Advantages of the usage of the EDS for drilling wastes treatment:

2. Stabilization of Oil base mud cuttings

The stabilization of the oil base mud cuttings coming from drilling activity allows to inhibit the release to the environment of contaminants from wastes which would otherwise be critical due to its consistency and/or its chemical/physical properties.

These process will transform the oily cuttings into an easily manageable solid, with a limited surface area exposed to the surrounding environment and where the contaminants are sealed internally, blocked in insoluble compounds.

The Stabilization process will therefore allow a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective disposal of the waste at the disposal sites.

Download PDF: Enhanced dewatering systems for WB wastes